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The terms and conditions of the holiday letting as agreed to by ALL parties are as follows:

Deposit: 50% of the total booking amount is payable by direct deposit, credit card on the date of booking. Credit cards payment attracts a 1.76% fee.

Final Payment: The balance of the booking is to be paid 8 weeks prior or 60 days before arrival by direct deposit or credit card. All payments paid by credit card will be taken automatically from the credit card on the due date. 

Credit Card: The credit card issued to the agent will be stored from 14 - 30 days before removal of these details and used for your final payment and security deposit the day before your arrival. 

Security Deposit: We require authority to debit up to $1000 in total for a bond with a $500 security deposit to be taken as a from your credit card the day before your arrival date. If no damage has occurred, extra cleaning required or any other breaches of the T & C’s the money will be refunded back to your card within seven to ten working days, if you require it sooner your BSB & ACC number will need to be provided in order to transfer. Should we need to claim on the bond we will be in contact to discuss.

Cancellations: Must be in writing. A cancellation fee of $100 will apply under ANY and ALL circumstances plus your initial booking fee of $65 is non refundable ($165 total). 
The following conditions apply upon cancellation:
1. If the property is re-let for the total period, only the cancellation & booking fee (including any STAYZ or AIRBNB booking fees) will be deducted from the initial deposit with the remaining released back to you.
2. If the property is NOT re-let for the total period there will be no refund.

Keys: Keys will not be made available until ALL monies have been paid in full. The tenant will be liable for the costs of replacing keys lost, unreturned or broken.

Check-in/Check-out Times: Keys are available from 2pm on your arrival date from the Tucker Real Estate Mollymook Office. The premises must be vacated by 10am on your departure date. A fee of $20 per hour will be applied for late checkouts unless previously arranged. A key return box is located next to the front door of our Mollymook office. Please ensure all windows & doors are locked upon departure (with exceptions to alternate instructions being found on the premises). If premises are not secured upon leaving you may be found liable for any damage or vandalism. 

Pets: Unless your property is stated as 'Pet Friendly' under no circumstances are pets allowed at the property. Your bond may be claimed in full if you breach these terms and conditions. 

Garbage: Please use the red & yellow lid bins provided. Tenants are responsible for putting out the bins on the street for collection on the applicable nights. The tenant will be charged for $50 if the bins are not put out and for any excess garbage bags or removal of rubbish by a tradesperson if bins are not emptied on the advised day. 

Cleaning: Premises are to be left in a similar condition as found upon arrival and kept clean at all times. An additional cleaning fee will be charged if this is not adhered to. 

Breakages: All breakages must be paid for & reported to Agent upon event. Please do not move any furniture around. 

Noise Pollution: The tenant shall not cause nuisance to neighbours and will comply with any statutory laws, by-laws and regulations applicable to the premises. If we have noise complaints you will be charged $50.00

Responsibility: The agent or owner is not responsible for the tenant's belongings left at the premises. 

Bookings Are Made in Good Faith by The Agent: But may be subject to any change or increase, as notified by the owner prior to the commencement of your booking. The agent cannot accept responsibility for action taken by the owner outside our control. The agent cannot be held responsible should a property be sold and/or the booking cancelled. 

Telephone Bookings: We accept no responsibility for miss-description of the property. Information is given in good faith. 

Future Bookings: To rebook the same property, we ask that you rebook online or contact us on 02 44556988. 



The terms and conditions of the holiday letting as agreed to by both parties are as follows:

Deposit: 50% of the total booking amount is payable by direct deposit, credit card on the date of booking. Credit cards payment attracts a 2% fee.

Final Payment: The balance of the booking is to be paid 4 weeks prior or 31 days before arrival by direct deposit or credit card. All payments paid by credit card will be taken automatically from the credit card on the due date. 

Credit Card: The credit card issued to the agent will be stored from 14 - 30 days before removal of these details and used for your final payment and security deposit the day before you arrival. 

Security Deposit: We require authority to debit up to $1000 in total for a bond with a $500 security deposit to be taken as a from your credit card the day before your arrival date. If no damage has occurred, extra cleaning required or any other breaches of the T and Cs the money will be refunded back to your card within seven to ten working days. Should we need to claim on the bond we will be in contact to discuss.

Cancellations: Must be in writing. A cancellation fee of $100 will apply under ANY and ALL circumstances plus your initial booking fee of $65 is non refundable ($165 total). 

The following conditions apply upon cancellation:
1. If the property is re-let for the total period, only the cancellation & booking fee (including any STAYZ booking fees) will be deducted from the initial deposit with the remaining released back to you.
2. If the property is NOT re-let for the total period there will be no refund.

Keys: Keys will not be made available until ALL monies have been paid in full. The tenant will be liable for the costs of replacing keys lost, unreturned or broken.

Check-in/Check-out Times: Keys are available from 2pm on your arrival date from the Tucker Real Estate Mollymook Office. The premises must be vacated by 10am on your departure date. A fee of $20 per hour will be applied for late checkouts unless previously arranged. A key return box is located next to the front door of our Mollymook office. Please ensure all windows & doors are locked upon departure (with exceptions to alternate instructions being found on the premises). If premises are not secured upon leaving you may be found liable for any damage or vandalism.

Pets: Unless your property is stated as 'Pet Friendly' under no circumstances are pets allowed at the property. Your bond may be claimed in full if you breach these terms and conditions.

Garbage: Please use the red & yellow lid bins provided. Tenants are responsible for putting out the bins on the street for collection on the applicable nights. The tenant will be charged for $50 if the bins are not put out and for any excess garbage bags or removal of rubbish by a tradesperson if bins are not emptied on the advised day.

Cleaning: Premises are to be left in a similar condition as found upon arrival and kept clean at all times. An additional cleaning fee will be charged if this is not adhered to.

Breakages: All breakages must be paid for & reported to Agent upon event. Please do not move any furniture.

Noise Pollution: The tenant shall not cause nuisance to neighbours and will comply with any statutory laws, by-laws and regulations applicable to the premises. If we have noise complaints you will be charged $50.00

No responsibility: The agent or owner is not responsible for the tenant's belongings left at the premises.

Bookings Are Made in Good Faith by The Agent: But may be subject to any change or increase, as notified by the owner prior to the commencement of your booking. The agent cannot accept responsibility for action taken by the owner outside our control. The agent cannot be held responsible should a property be sold and the booking cancelled.

Telephone Bookings: We accept no responsibility for miss-description of the property; Information is given in good faith.

Future Bookings: To rebook the same property, we ask that you rebook online or contact us on 02 44556988.




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